Holiday Closure

This year, our production will be closed during the Christmas holidays from Friday December 23rd through Monday January 2nd. Due to this holiday closure, delivery times will be 10 working days longer than you are used to.

Would you like to receive your order before the holidays? Then make sure you order on time through the Neskrid Online Customer System (NOCS).  We accept orders for delivery before our holidays as follows, per category:

4Allworks & 4Alltimes

A: 23 November

B: 30 November

C: 30 November


Sole: 7 December

Kit: 7 December

Cover: 15 December

Ordered later than those dates? 10 working days will be added to the delivery time. During this period, no lasts will be picked up from you. In this way, Neskrid wants to prevent lasts wandering around in the UPS warehouses and then getting lost. Latest pick up date for lasts is December 16th. This means that your order must placed Thursday December 15th. If you cannot place your order before 15th of December, the lasts will be picked up from you starting Tuesday, January 3rd . Should this apply to an order you have placed with us, you will be informed by our Customer Support department. Please inform us if you will be closed for holidays in the first week of January.