Paula Pijnenburg

Marketing & Communication






Paula Pijnenburg started in 2015 as an intern executive secretary and during her internship, she mainly supported the finance department. During this period, Paula started to perform more and more marketing tasks like writing and sending newsletters. Because she found these marketing tasks very interesting, she started studying commercial economics at the university of applied sciences. During her studies, Paula always continued working at Neskrid as an on-call worker. After finishing her studies it was therefore not difficult to make a choice where to work. Meanwhile, Paula has been working for several years as a marketing and communications expert within this innovative and growing family business.

Paula likes to spend her free time playing soccer, from being on the field herself to supporting the Dutch national team, or sitting at home watching Ajax. Those around her also think she has an addiction to shopping, even though she thinks she just likes nice clothes and shoes. Paula also loves sushi and chocolate. Chocolate in particular is something she can eat all day long.

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