Joost Pijnenburg







Joost Pijnenburg has been CEO of Neskrid 4Allfeet since 2013. In addition, Joost has been the owner of Gerla Products since 2000. The current Neskrid was created in early 2013 from the collaboration between Gerla Products and Neskrid Shoe Factory. 

Since Neskrid was taken over by Joost, he started to specialize the company in (semi-)orthopaedic safety footwear. Joost has also developed other innovative product groups, about which more can be read on the Neskrid website. 

Gerla Products is specialized in clogs, garden clogs and medical clogs and exists since the year 1904. Since Gerla was taken over by Joost in 2000, he has continuously invested in the automation of production. In this sense, the products are manufactured using robots and a Desma machine.

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